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Chapter 10

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Eileen Wood

Chapter 10 Motivation and EmotionMotivational Theories and Conceptsmotives are the needs wants interests and desires that propel people in certain directionsmotivation involves a goaldirected behaviour Drive Theoryexplored by Clark Hull 194050shomeostasis a state of physiological equilibrium or stabilityDrive theory applies homeostasis to behaviourdrive internal state of tension that motivates an organism to engage in activities that should reduce the tensionthe tension in a disturbance to equilibriumdriveactiondrive reductiondrive theory emphasizes how internal states of tension push people in certain directions motivation comes from within intrinsic motivationdrive theories cannot explain all motivationIrrelevant to thirst and hungerMotivation can happen without drive arousal Incentive Theorypropose that external stimuli regulate motivational statesincentive is an external goal that has the capacity to motivate behaviour Ex Steak money marijuana breakincentive theory emphasizes how external stimuli pull people in certain directions motivation comes from outside extrinsic motivation Expectancyvalue models take into consideration that not all desires are realistic ones motivation to pursue a particular course of action depends on1 Expectancy about ones chances of attaining the incentive2 Value of the desired incentiveEvolutionary Theoryour motivation is the product of evolution just as anatomical characteristics arenatural selection benefits certain behaviours refers to our ancenstors and the importance of dominance1 Females like dominance and are more likely to mate2 Dominant males may poach females from subordinate males3 Dominant males are intimidating4 Dominant males can acquire more materials The Range and Diversity of Human Motiveshumans display many motives
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