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Chapter 9

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Eileen Wood

Chapter 9Psychology Chapter 9 Intelligence and Psychological TestingPsychological test the measure of a persons behaviour in a sample Used to see individual differences in peoples abilities interests Two sections mental ability tests and personality testsMental Ability Tests3 sectionsIntelligence tests measure general mental ability Aptitude tests measure specific types of mental abilities perceptual speed and accuracy Achievement tests measures a persons knowledge of different subjects Math English Personality TestsMeasure different parts of personality Motives values Also called Personality Scales because no rightwrong answerStandardization Uniform procedures used in scoring of a testeg Same instructions same questions same timeTest Norms How much a score on a psychological test ranks compared to other scores on the testeg Above average in creativity Allows you to convert your score into a percentile Percentile percentage of people who score at or below your scoreReliability Measurement consistency of a testTestretest reliability taking test on two different occasions Correlation coefficient degree of relationship between two variables 1 perfectly strong correlationValidity Ability of a test to measure what is was designed to measure Content validity degree to which content of a test is representative of the material its supposed to cover lecture readings Criterionrelated validity correlating subjects score on a test with their scores on another measure of the trait measured by the testeg Volleyball paper test then testing on the actual court for the same trait Construct validity evidence that a test measures a hypothetical constructGaltons Studies of Hereditary GeniusStudies family treesfound that success appeared in families over generationsintelligence is passed down Created the term nature vs nurture
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