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Chapter 11

PS260 Chapter 11: 11

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Todd Ferretti

Ch. 11 The rst systematic research was done by Francis Galton in the 1800s galton cueing technique: blood retrieve from memory and describe it. how vivid is it? etc through introspection and self report data some people are visualizers and others are not some people are incapable of forming visual images translation step when people translate their subjective experience into a verbal report Chronometric Studies: time measuring study uses response time to measure visual imagery more objective than gallons selfreport technique allows us to ask what sorts of information are prominent in a mental image and what sorts are not Kosslyns study: participants were asked to form a series of mental images and asked to answer yesno questions about each. asked to memorize map and then imagine a line going from one point to another and when they were done they had to press a button stopping a clock. Image scanning procedure IMAGES ARE NOT STORED AS PICTURES, THEY ARE STORED AS WHOLE IMAGES Image Scanning Procedure: asked to form a specic mental image and asked to scan with their minds eye from one point to another Mental Rotation: people have no trouble with mental rotation in depth accuracy is 95 Demand Character: cues within an experiment that signal to the participant how he or she is suppossed to respond brain areas activated when perceiving motion are also activated when imagining motion imagining larger pictures leads to greater activation visualizing an H made it easier to perceive an H Binocular Rivalry: occurs when two different visual stimuli are presented, one stimulus to each eye green vertical stripes to right eye red horizontaal stripes to left eye
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