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Carolyn Ensley

Chapter 1 The Science of the MindOutlineThe Scope of Cognitive PsychologyA Brief History o Introspection o Behaviorism o Cognitive Revolution 1960s Research in Cognitive Psychology An Example o Working MemoryThe Scope of Cognitive PsychologyOne way that we can define cognitive psychology is as the study of knowledgeOf how we do things everything that we do or say or think is cognition o How do we study and memorize o How do we focus our attention and concentrate o How do we make decisionsCognitive Neuroscience is a way of modeling events in Cognitive PsychologyHowever a much larger range of our thoughts actions and feelings depend on knowledgemacrocognition vs microcognitiono Understanding a story or conversation depends on the knowledge the reader already haso Betsy wanted to bring Jacob a present She shook her piggy bank It made no sound She went to look for her mother o need more than perception to understand this sentence need memory knowledge and problem solving all cognitive skillsWe make inferences all the time these are all cognition that are based on previous experiences Example Speechthe mechanisms in your brain make it possible for one to unstand a phrase in which something is changed R3S3ARCHCognitive psychology affects most psychological research o There is usually a cognitive component you need to consider for exampleMemoryLanguageSo while cognitive psychology may seem very removed from other areas such as social or clinical psychology it is actually inherent to both
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