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Chapter 4

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Carolyn Ensley

Class 3, Lecture 5, Chapter 4: Paying Attention Selective Attention  Selective attention refers to the skill through which one focuses on one input or one task while ignoring other stimuli  The brain is able to see an entire scene and fills in the missing components  Attention studies sometimes employ a task known as shadowing. o Using headphones, different information is presented to each ear. This is known as dichotic listening. o The participant pays attention to the information presented to one ear (the attended channel) while ignoring information presented to the other (the unattended channel).  It is possible to tune out the stimulus from the other ear, able to switch and just attend to one channel  Results from these studies suggest that unusual characteristics of the unattended channel go unnoticed  If you are told to listen to one channel and in the other ear the story changes topic completely you will not notice.  Shows that we are not processing what we are not paying attention to  There are some important exceptions, where certain pieces of information will be noticed even if presented to the unattended channel. o The participants own name, or any words of high personal significance, will
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