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Chapter 2

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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 2 Chapter 2 pt1EvaluationMidterms in classmultiple choiceJan 31 ch 15 20Mar 1 ch 610 20ZAPS assignments 20 submit onlineAlternative assignments available submit onlineFinal Exam 66 ch 1114 33 ch 114 30Participation 10 based on iclicker ATTEND CLASSOffice hours TA TBDCourse OverviewSyllabus on mylearningspaceEach class will have a lecture with some iclicker contentBASIC slides will be put online before the lectureWill not contain all contentNote a replacement for attending classWill not have iclicker questions on themiclicker questions on READINGSiclicker questions on LAST CLASSiclicker questions on material being covered that dayMake sure you set your laptop to close but not shut offCourse OverviewWill work through textbook in orderMust bring iclicker to each classRegister iclicker on MYLS1 mark for attending1 mark based on accuracy for answering questions related to content in classSome questions on last class reviewSome on whats going on in classStrict plagiarism rules in place do not bring someone elses clicker if you are caught you both get 0 FOR THE TERMSomeone in audience may be watchingChapter 1 The Science of the MindLecture OutlineThe Scope of Cognitive PsychologyA Brief HistoryIntrospectionBehaviorismCognitive RevolutionResearch in Cognitive Psychology An ExampleWorking Memory
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