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Anneke Olthof

Chapter12FoodCachingRecoveryChapter previewResearch on the remarkable ability of some bird species to retrieve food that they previously stored in various locationsStudies of food caching are a major source of information about spatial memory and episodic memory in nonhuman speciesWe look at how behaviour is organized in time a ubiquitous feature of the environment and how organisms learn about the serial order of stimuli which is a prerequisite for numerical skill We also talk about research on tool use with emphasis on recent research on tool use inNew Caledonian crowsMost complex cognitive behaviourlanguage collection of cognitive skillsevident in a number of nonhuman species Food Caching and recoveryClarks nutcrackerStores 33000 seeds in caches of 4These birds live in alpine areas of 5 seeds each and recovers several the US and harvest seeds from pine thousand of these months later cones in late summer and early autumn They hide the seeds in underground caches and recover them months later in the winter and spring when other food sources are scarce Blackcapped Stores hundreds of individual seeds Pravosudov and Clayton2002chickadeeand recovers them a month later Compared food caching and recovery in two populations of blackcapped chickadees those living in Colorado and those living in Alaska Although both environments have harsh winters the weather in Alaska is more challenging Alaska chickadees were better on a noncaching spatial memory task and stores more foods and were more efficient Need to consider IWhat food items to Perishable should be recovered cachequicklyvs NonPerishable dont have to be recovered quicklyIIWhere to store Somewhere it can be recalledfoodIIISocial componentCant allow competitor to find foodDo not want to store food where a competitor is watching you bc then competitor would take your food IVWhere to look for stored food during Whether to look in the presence of recovery a competitor which foods to retrieve first and whether to eat or restore what you recoveredSpatial memory in food Spatial memory being used or KamilBalda 1985caching and recovery other strategiesTested nutcrackers in room with Search randomly kinda like 180 recessed cups of sand on an easter huntproblem floor along with many with that strategy it can turn landmarks that the birds could into a lifeanddeath use situationGiven a choice of 18 cups to have favourite hiding spots
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