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Bruce Mc Kay

1/10/2013 2:10:00 PM Biopsychology Chapter Notes Chapter 1: Introduction  The human brain is an amazingly intricate netword of neurons (cells that receive and transmit electrochemical signals)  Neuroscience proves to be the brain’s ultimate challenge: Does the brain have the capacity to understand something so complex as itself?  Major themes of this book: o Think creatively about biopsychology  thinking in productive, unconventional ways o Clinical Implications  Pertaining to illness or treatment o The Evolutionary Perspective  Important compnenet is the comparative approach, trying to understand biological phenomena by comparing them in different species o Neuroplasticity  Recent research has demonstrated that the human adult brain is a plastic (changeable) organ that continually grows and changes in response to an individual’s genes and experiences. Section 1.1: Biopsychology  Biopsychology is the scientific study of the biology of behaviour o Also referred to as behavioural neuroscience, behavioural biology, psychobiology  D.O.Hebb, played a large role in the founding of biopsychology o Biopsychology is very much in its infancy, meaning that in studying the subject, you are studying current research Section 1.3: What types of research characterize the biopsychology approach  Human and Nonhuman Subjects o Of the nonhumans, rats are the most common subjects; however, mice, cats, dogs, and nonhuman primates are also commonly used o Differences between the brains of human and those of related species are more quantitative than qualit
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