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Chapter 6

BioPsych Chapter 6

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BioPsych Chapter 551 Methods of Visualizing and Stimulating the Living Human BrainEray photography is effective in characterizing internal structures that differ substantially form their surroundingsContrast Xray Involves injecting one compartment of the body with a substance that absorbs xrays less than or more than the surrounding tissue Heightens the contrast Cerebral angiographyuses the infusion of a radio opaque dye into a cerebral artery to visualize the cerebral circulatory system during xray photography Xray Computed Tomography Computed tomography CTcomputer assisted xray procedure that can be used to visualize the brain and other internal structures of the living body X ray tube and detector are moved along the axis of the patients body to another level of the brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRIProcedure in which highresolution images are constructed from the measurement of waves that hydrogen atoms emit Provides high spatial resolution ability to detect and represent differences in spatial location Can produce images in threedimensions Positron Emission Tomography PET First brain imaging technique to provide images of brain activity rather than images of brain structure Radioactive 2deoxyglucose 2DG is injected into the patients carotid artery this is rapidly taken up by the active cells in the brainA PET scan is a colored map of the amount of radioactivity in the brain Functional MRI fMRIProduce images representing the increase in oxygen flow in the blood to active areas of the brain Oxygenated blood accumulates in active areasof the brain this has magnetic propertiesFour Advantages over PETNothing is injectedProvides structural and functional informationSpatial resolution is betterCan be used to produce threedimensional images of activity Magnetoencephalography Measures changes in magnetic fields on the surface of the scalp that are produced by changes in the underlying patterns of neural activity The major advantage over fMRI is its temporal resolution can record fast changes in neural activity
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