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Chapter 12The primary purpose of hunger is to increase the probability of eating and the primary purpose of eating is to supply the body with the molecular building blocks and energy it needs to survive and functionDigestion is the gastrointestinal process of breaking down food and absorbing its constituents into the bodyFood has not been consumed until it has been digested 3 formsEnergy is delivered to the body in o1 Lipids fats 2 Amino acids the breakdown products of proteins and 3 Glucose a simple sugar that is the breakdown product of complex carbohydrates that is starches and sugars Energy is stored in 3 forms fats glycogen and proteinsoMost of the bodys energy reserves are stored as fats relatively little amounts of protein and glycogen Glycogen is largely stored in the liver and muscles 1 gram of fat can store almost twice as much energy as a gram of glycogen Glycogen unlike fat attracts and holds substantial quantizes of water oIf all your fat calories were stored as glycogen you would likely weigh well over 600lbs 3 phases of energy metabolism the chemical changes by which energy is made for an organisms useoThe cephalic phase is the preparatory phase it often begins with the sight smell or even just the thought of food and it ends when the food starts to be absorbed into the blood stream oThe absorptive phase is the period during which the energy absorbed into the bloodstream from the meal is meeting the bodys immediate energy needsoThe fasting phase is the period during which all of the unstored energy from the pervious meal has been used and the body is withdrawing en
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