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Chapter 1

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Camie Condon

Human Motivation – Chapter 1 The ability to make contingency plans to deal with temptation is indicative of a: a. well developed hot system. b. poorly developed cool system. c. well developed cool system. d. poorly developed hot system. Avoidant causes are thought to be compelling because they: a. are difficult to specify. b. are specific. c. represent a threat to our survival. d. are unpleasant. Some theorists argue that humans have evolved to 'err on the side of caution'. Which of the following is inconsistent with this view? a. Mary seems to have little or no motivation to approach strange or new situations. b. Mary always pays close attention to what's going on around her. c. Mary is always on the go, traveling to new and exotic places. d. Mary seems to be highly anxious regardless of the nature of the situation. It has been shown that humans are inclined to persist: a. when they have been rewarded intermittently. b. all of these. c. when they are making no progress towards a goal but have hope of attaining a goal. d. when they develop mastery or competence while working towards a goal. A central characteristic of people who self-regulate is that: a. they spend little or no time reflecting on past successes or failures. b. their behavior is governed by short-term rewards. c. they reflect on what went r
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