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Chapter 4

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Bruce Mc Kay

Chapter 4 The Nervous Systempsychoactive drugs influence homeostasis ie alcohol inhibits the release of antidieuretic hormone vasopressin which causes increase in urine exertionfollowing consumption of alocohol heavy drinkers have less urine output than infrequent drinkers and during alcohol withdrawal heavy drinikers exhibit increased vasopressin release which results in greater water retentionComponents of the Nervous SystemGlia cells and nerve cells with 1050 more glia cells glia communicate with each other and neuronsastrocytes provide glucose for the brain to support and maintain nerve tissue they are connected to eachother via gap junctionsglial cells privde structure and firmness in the brain nutrients to the system eliminate waste and form myelin which is wrapped around the axons of nerve cellsanother important function of glial cells is to create the bloodbrain barrier semipermeable only small lipophilic molecules enter the brain ie heroin has two acetyl groups added making it more permeable and rapidly affects the brain making it more potent than morpineNeuronsresponsible for analyzing and transmitting info 100 bil all have a cell body axon dendrites and presynaptic terminalsthe dendrites contain the receptors that recognize and respond to chemical signalslarge doses of amphetamins can destroy presyntaptic terminals and axonsNeurotransmissionAction Potentialelectrical signal that initiates a chain of events that allows one neuron to communicate with another through the release of neurotransmittersion channels become open and allow electrically charged particles access to inside the cell which moves membrane away from resting potential of 70mV to more positively charged voltagewhen cell is at rest there is uneven electrical charge more K are inside while more Na and Cl are on the outside
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