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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Drug Products and Their RegulationsHistory of Drug RegulationsUp until 1908 their were no regulations alcohol and tobacco was considered more of a threat than to opiumFirst regulation was proposed int he UK in 1862 to prevent adulteration of food and drinkRegulation sin Canada had much more focus on public fear and political agendas than public healthGovernments primary concerns over opium was financial issues as they received tax revenue from Opium factories2 factors contributed to the immersion of these poikicies CanadianEuro society and Chinese immigrants second Chinese immigrants were perceived as an economic threatLots of hostility towards immigrants from asiaOpium Act of 1908Investigation of labour riots started thisKing saw that opium was popular among white people Chinese were making profits off it opium trade was violating pharmacy regulations and Canada had to set an example as a Christian nation in a campaign against opiumBlack market was created for opium so they created harsher penalitiesPatent Medicine Act of 1909First step towards federal drug regulation this act required documentation and approval of a small number of drugs issued by doctorsIt prohibited use of cocaine in medicine and required labels to be put on medications1920 food and drugs act was establishedNarcotic Control Act of 1960Now addiction was seen as a social and medical problem not a crime based off medial portrayals of young drug usersCanada still favoured law enforcement because of beliefs that drugs could enslave usersDope fiend became discfredited because many youth were using recreational drugs and not turning dangerousThe Le Dain Comission
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