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Bruce Mc Kay

Chapter 3Drug products and their regulationsIn Chapter 3 ignore for now Regulation of Pharmaceuticals pages 4651 do not skip Table 31 Pharmaceutical Industry in Canada pages 5152 Canadian Marihuana Medical Access Regulations pages 5255 and Natural Health Products page 56it makes more sense to cover these sections in later parts of the course Note also that in this Chapter there is a great deal of Americanspecific content particularly in Drug Regulations in the United States pages 5761you will not be tested on this USspecific content However I strongly suggest for any of you who travel into the US that you read this section anyways especially Table 38The history of drug regulationsUp until 1908 canada had not drug regulations federal or provincially about the use of drugs oAlcohol and tobacco was considered more dangerous than opium Drug regulation in Canada can be traced back to 1862United Kingdom and their bill for Preventi
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