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Chapter 11

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Bruce Mc Kay

Chapter 11 Caffeine History Xanthinesdrug that makes coffee tea and chocolate apart of the same family Coffeecaffeine Tea theophylline Cacaotheobrominde Old tale about a goat hurder goats ate some berries andnoticed them being a bit more hyper Coffee houses 17001800Coffee houses were for talking about politics and only for malesA place to relax to learn the news of the day seal bargins and to plot Penny universitiesit costa penny for a cup and people could come and listen to great litary and political figures of the time Tea was still very popular more easily available it was taxed There was a fear that coffee would be banned during prohibition and the lack of alcohol may have being a factor when looking at its rise Reached an all time high in 1946 at 9 kgcapita 1970 people consumed more coffee liters per capita than any other non alcoholic drink Roasting green coffee beans is used to improve colour and taste of the drink Ground coffee can only be maintained at peak level for a week or two Coffea is the genus oCoffea arabicamilder in flavour require tropical climate and take longer to developoCoffea robustastronger and more bitter taste higher caffine content often used in instant coffee blends Who makes the most 1 Brazil 25 times more 2 Vietnam 3 Columbia and Indonesia Caffine is removed from the blend by soaking in an organic solvent TeaTea is seen as the more upper class drinkCoffee is more blue collar Tea tree Thea sinesis now Camellia sinesisOriginally Chinese Tea varities oBlack fully oxizdized leaves oOolong particaly oxidizingoGreen tea non oxidized became popular because of all the British who came over Boston tea partyoAmerican coloniet were angry about a tax on their tea imposed by BritanoLegal tea sales dropped due to boycott
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