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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Drug use as a social problem Laissezfairethe idea that if there was a seller that wants to sell and a buyer that wants to buy then let them do it they developed laws on the ideas that 1toxicitydrug sellers were selling drugs that seemed to be endangering the public selling of toxic chemicals without putting labels or warnings on them 2dependenceselling habit forming drugs without labels or waringing on them3crimeindividuals were seen as individuals who would commit horrible violent crimes ToxicityToxicity the physical or psychological harm that a drug might present to the user What makes a drug toxicAmount used How its used Effects on the body Physiological toxicityWhat the user did while on the drug Behavioural toxicity Categories of toxicity ACUTE Toxicity immediate short term effects single dose Behavioural intoxication that impairs the action of drug users and increases the danger to themselves and othersPhysiologicaloverdose that cause the user to stop breathing or cause cardiac arrestWhat drugs stop breathing Opiates What drugs stop the heart Cocaine meth CHRONIC Toxicity longtermmany dosesBehavioural Personality and lifestyle changes Effects on relationships with family and friends Amotivational syndrome Seen in alcoholics and some marijuana usersPhysiological Heart disease Lung cancer Cirrhosis
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