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Bruce Mc Kay

Drugs and behaviour chap 1 Drug Use An overview The drug problemTalking about drug useWhat do we really mean by drug use or a drug problem Its imperative to always collect DATAAvoid meaningless statements like she uses drugs WHO makes a huge difference eg 20 year old drinking vs an 8 year oldWHAT drink at home vs drinking in schoolWHERE WHEN Eg Drink before class vs after classWHY Eg Are you doing it to have fun or to get drunk problemHOW IS IT BEING TAKEN Eg Drank injected smoked HOW MUCH Eg A glass a dinner or binge drinkingFour principles of psychoactive drugs 1Drugs per se are not good or bad When drug abuse drug dependence and risky behaviour are talked about it is the way in which the drug is used that differsthe behaviour Weighting the PROS and CONS of behaviour medical use vs abuse Drugs dont produce effects to do evil sometime people forget about the other effects that led to drug abuse 2Every drug has multiple effectsCompounds do not alter one aspect of concoiousnessVirtually all drugs that affect the brain also effect the body including blood pressure intestinal activity or other functions3Both the size and the quality of a drugs effect depend on the amount the individual has taken 2 ways to change the effect and dose relationship 1 Increase dose increase effects noticed at lower drug level 2 Different dose levels there is a change in the kind of effect alternation of the character of the expirence4The effect of any psychoactive drug depends on the individuals history and expectationsImportant are the users history attitude and the setting How did we get here Sometimes drugs laws are changed for certain religious reasons There is a large market for psychoactive drugs and the plants that make them and have influenced the economy greatly Drugs and drug use today
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