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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Textbook Notes!

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John Stephens

Chapter 12: Textbook Notes  Substance Dependence: Is characterized by DSM-IV-TR as the presence of at least three of the following: o The person develops tolerance: Needing larger doses, or the amount doesn’t give you as good of a high. o Withdrawal: negative physical or psychological effects when the person stops taking the substance or reduces the amount. o The person uses more of the substance or uses it for a longer time than intended. o The person recognizes excessive use of the substance; he or she may have tried to reduce dosage, but failed. o A lot of time is spent trying to acquire the substance. o Despite physical or psychological problems, they keep using it. o Gives up or cuts back on (work, recreation, socializing) because of the substance.  Substance Abuse: The person must experience one of the following. o Failure to fulfill major obligations o Exposure to physical dangers o Legal Problems o Persistent social or interpersonal problems.  DTs (delirium tremens): Substance withdrawal is alcohol withdrawal delirium.  Dependence = tolerance & withdrawal  Abuse = excessive & harmful  Polydru
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