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Chapter 1

Chapter One Textbook Notes

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Glen Gorman

The appearance of sex differences depends on myriad factors the place time person audience and characteristics of the one making the observationsDEFINITION OF TERMSSex biological categories of female and male categories distinguished by genes chromosomes and hormonesstable categoryunchangeable Gender social categories of male and female fluid distinguished by a set of psychological features and roles attributes that society has assigned to the biological category of sex Ie Emotionality linked to women competitiveness to menPersonality and appearance related to this categoryInfluences by society culture and time Sexrelated behaviour the behaviour corresponds to sex but it does not say anything about the cause or the etiology of the difference Ie Conduct study and find that women have better recall on memory task than men or the men outperform women on a videogame Role social position accompanied by a set of norms or expectations Ie you are a student you are expected to study for class Gender role expectations that go along with being male versus female Intrarole conflict expectations within a role conflict Ie women are expected to be emotional and express their feelings but also to be sensitive to the needs of others So does she express these feelings to her husbando In one sense she is expressing her feelings however she will upset her husband which is conflicting to the sensitivity to others Interrole conflict expectations of one role conflict with the expectations of another role You possess other roles besides your gender role Ie A male student involved in a group project may experience conflict between the male gender role norm to be independent and the student role norm to work together with classmates on group projects o The norms for two different roles clash Men suffer more negative consequences for genderrole violations than womenThis is because women taking on male gender role are moving towards higher status we applaud the moving up but not the moving downGender identity our perception of the self as psychologically female or male
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