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Bruce Mc Kay

Chapter 4 QuestionsChapter 4 Perception of LanguageThe Structure of Speechlisteners categorize sounds into classes that exist in their language this is complex due to environmental context hat interferes and the variability of the speech signal itselffactors include high pitch versus low rate of speech production and phonetic contextProsodic Factorsstress intonation and rateprosody are aspects of utterances that are not specific to the wrds but influence overall meaningstress refers to emphasis of syllables in a sentence and corresponds with loudnesswe use stress to distinguish between nouns and verbs ie PROject projectintonation is the use of pitch to signify different meanings pitch pattern is intonation contourie intonation rises at the end of yes or no questions but NOT with ones that start with whpitch can emphasis main focus of sentencethe rate refers to the speed that speech is articulated modified by number and length of pausesie take your time vs weve got to get goingwe tend to lengthen words at the end of a sentenceto and two are homophones they sound the same and mean different things function words tend to have shorter duration than content wordssuprasegmentals supra means above speech provides musical accompaniment to speechArticulatory Phoneticsstudy of speech sounds is called phonetics study of pronounciation is articulatory phoneticscan be described ni terms of movements of the physical structures of vocal tract
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