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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Bruce Mc Kay

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Chapter 2 Linguistic PrinciplesBasic Grammatical ConceptsIn English we use SVO subjectverbobject the boy chased the girlIn Japanese they use OSV subjectobjectverbDuality of PatterningThere are both meaningful and meaningless words formed together to create sentences in spoken language these meaningless elements are individual speech soundsPhones are speech sounds ie p said in pill has aspiration puff of air as spill does notPhonemes are differences in sound that make a contribution to meaning ie bdDistinctive features is a characteristic of a speech sound whose presence or absence distinguished the sound from other sounds phoneme b isvoicing p is negative voicingMorphologyWe use words to use different forms of the same wordsThe smallest meaningful unit of a language isreferred to as a morpheme ie be
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