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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Carolyn Ensley

Chapter 5The Internal Lexiconinternal lexicon is our representation of words in permanent memory and when the word has been found in our lexicon the properties of the word are available for use ie meaning spelling pronounciation relationship to other wordslexical access is the process of activating these meaningsDimensions of Word KnowledgePhonological Knowledgephonological structure and pronounciation of wordshomophones are spelled differently but sound the same bear and bareTOT phenomenon happens when we cant quite retrieve the word but we remember something about how it soundsowe sometimes activate words by their soundsSyntactic Knowledgethe part of speech that words belong to ie two words belong when they can substitute each other in a sentence it may change meaning but it remains grammaticalcategories inclue noun verb adjective pronoun preposition conjunction and interjectionocan further be divided into open class content words noun adj verb or closedclass function words pronoun prepositionagammatism is a disorder where closedclass words are omittedMorphological Knowledgetwo different kinds of bound morphemesoinflectional are involved when bound morph is added to free to express grammatical contrast catcats jumpjumpedoderivational morph when bound is added to free to create new words ie goodgppdnessoderivational is always processed firstSemantic Knowledge
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