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Chapter 7

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Carolyn Ensley

Chapter 7 Throughout this chapter we refer to four domains of naturalscience Psychology Behavioural Neuroscience focuses on animal models of basic psychologicalprocesses of sensation perception learning cognition emotion and motivationBehavioural neuroscience encompasses the subdisciplines of biological andcomparative psychology which in previous decades were known asbiopsychology or physiological psychology Cognitive Neuroscience focuses on the same basic psychological processes inhumans Cognitive neuroscience encompasses cognitive psychology Developmental Psychology focuses on animal and human development and linksbiological and cognitive domains with interpersonal processes Interpersonal Psychology encompasses the subdisciplines of cultural genderpersonality and social psychologyAnother domain of current naturalscience Psychology is Applied andProfessional PsychologySocietal and Scientific Developments After WWII increase in natural science research Four fields of mega science oGenomics refers to manipulating life at the genetic leveloRobotics is the technology of designing constructing operating and applying robotsoArtificial intelligence AI refers to computer systems programmed to implement applications of human intelligence that can exceed it in certain domains AI can meld the operations of genomics and roboticsoNanotechnology is a form of biotechnology and bioengineering operating on an extremely microscopic scaleGender and Cultural Diversity Historically women and ethnocultural minorities have been relatively absent in academic positions in the natural sciences technology engineering and mathematics theSTEM fieldsAdvocates identify three types of institutional change to effect gender equityoAchieving a critical mass by systematically exposing more female students to science pushing them through the pipeline from primary school to universityEXPOSEoReforming science education to enhance womens participation in scienceREFORMoCreating a supportive workingenvironment for female scientists in academic institutions SUPPORT1
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