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Chapter 6

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Richard Walsh- Bowers

Chapter 6Societal Changesthe few rich against the many poor the industrialists against the unhappy workers and a conflict between improving working conditions for labourers while avoiding the everfeared red scare of communism However out of these conflicts grew a new consumer culture with a new medium of radio to transmit advertisements designed with the help of psychologists During the roaring 20s life was generally good but the bubble burst with the stock market crash of 1929 which left millions of people around the world destitute and literally starving1939 depressionThere were significant advances in the field of physics in the war period largely as the result for a push to create weapons of mass destruction An important advancement was relativity theory which implied that measurement of an object was relevant to the observer objects were not fixed they were mutable The advances in physics affected Psychology in varying waysScientific DevelopmentsDrawing from Maxwell German physicist Max Planck 18581947 proposed field theory by which natural phenomena are caused by a network of intersecting forces that take a particular form or structure Observers attend to the field or pattern of elements that form the new structure Planck also proposed that when light and matter interact radiated energy exists in multiples of a unit a quantum and that energy transfers occur only in discrete chunkBut in his relativity theory Albert Einstein showed that the perception of time is related to the location of the observerAccording to relativity theory time and the three dimensions of space height width and length are interrelated not separate phenomenaInternational PsychologyUnited KingdomoBritish psychologists generally worked on applied uses for Psychology and psychometricsFrance
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