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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Richard Walsh- Bowers

Chapter 11 Psychologist Scientific Language Variables are invariant so you need to discover a way to maintain consistency in order to testoperationalizationoFrom a critical perspective three assumptions undergird operationismoMeasurement of psychologists phenomena is equivalent to measurement of physicists phenomenaoThe meaning of concepts is identical to the operations employed in measuring themoPsychologists have vanquished the vestiges of subjective psychologies and have secured the same prestigious scientific status as physicistsThis semantic network is known as a discursive formation Every generation of psychologists constructs a particular discourse or language of research in relation to their particular historical circumstancesThere are two perspectives on what constitutes scientific language Danziger1997boWithin language as representation scientific words mirror an independent nonlinguistic reality Thus the term hyperactivity represents a natural objecto Within language as a formative practice scientific language shapes discursive practice Thus hyperactivity affects who uses and who is labelled by this termLogical positivism one obtains objective knowledge only through natural sciencesoThree assumptions constitute a logicalpositivist analysis T Rogers 1995Theoretical terms can be expressed mathematically eg Clark Hulls formulae involving habit strength drive and organisms readiness to respond Correspondencerules can translate theoretical terms into observational statements eg prior experience in the experimental situation duration of hunger and responsespeedObservational statements can describe particular natural objects eg hungry subjects run faster in a maze than satiated subjects under the same conditionsScientific Language and Cultural oDifficulty to generalize to larger populations because lacking context Clark Hall hypo deductive model
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