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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Richard Walsh- Bowers

Chapter 10 Meanings of HermeneuticsHermeneutics is the discipline of understanding and interpreting meaning or the art and science of interpretationLater hermeneutics involved the JudaeoChristian practice of biblical interpretation In contrast to the Greek philosophers who emphasized gaining knowledge through experience and reason Christian philosophers such as Augustine emphasized that one should gain knowledge through revelation by way of contemplating the BibleThe Hermeneutic problem refers to the fact that it is impossible to interpret the meaning of a work of art using objective measures therefore the study of Psychology cannot be complete by limiting itself to the natural science approach Subjective methods such as the Hermeneutic method must be called upon to fully understand the human condition and the human mindHermeneutic circle Understanding is always framed by something that isalready understood For instance if you want to understand a text you must consider the whole in order to understand the meaning of its particular parts Yet also you must understand the parts of the text in order to understand the whole meaning of the bookHorizon Ones personal knowledge and experiences are the ground and limit of understanding On a larger scale each horizon of understanding is historically determined and culturally embedded The way men thought about women 150 years ago is somewhat different from todayFusion of horizons Ones horizon can be transcended through exposure to another horizon which conveys a view and values that place ones own horizons in a new contextTradition and prejudice Everyone is embedded in a particular tradition This determines ones horizon Yet realizing that one is situated within a specific tradition does not limit freedom of knowledge it makes it possible I produce knowledge out of something not out of nothing At the same time history constitutes prejudices in understandingDialogue Hermeneutic experience is a dialogue between the interpreter andthe object of interpretation whether text event action or a person Gadamer emphasizes the importance of questioning from within our horizonLanguage determines who we are and how we understand the world as much as history doesCritical Hermeneutics Jurgen Habermas 1972 promoted the idea of critical hermeneutics in the social sciences
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