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Terry Mitchell

Qualitative Differences from Quantitative - Insider rather than outsider perspective - Person-centred rather than variable-centred - Holistic rather than particularistic - Contextual rather than decontextual - Depth rather than breadth - Inductive rather than deductive Naturalistic observation and interviewing Assume a dynamic reality – can only be captured with intensive engagement - Bricolage: A pieced-together, tightly woven whole greater than the sum of its parts Similarities” - Both are empirical – firsthand observation - Both are systematic – Qual is neither unfocused nor prescriptive Post- Positivism - Rose out of concern towards ‘value-free objectivity’ and ‘verifiable reality’ of positivism Constructivism: Human phenomena are socially constructed rather than objectively ‘real’ - Questions what is meant by ‘race’, ‘gender’, deviance, and mental illness - No reality attached to these concepts Critical Approach - i.e. feminist, Marxist, race, and queer theories - Point to inequalities based on gender, race, social class, sexual orientation as hidden subtexts of much of the knowledge produced by Western science - Identified qualitative methods as the key to the flaws and reductionism of positivism Pragmaticism - ‘Middle Ground’ - John Dewey, Charles Pierce, Jane Addams - Accept the fallibility of knowledge o Utility over philosophy o Can be a number of cases where reality is either accepted, a presumed reality is obviously accepted, and when multiple subjective meanings can produce a broader understanding of something Convergence of events in 20 century - Development of statistical analyses  Mainstream Focus of Epidemiology - Myopic focus of biomedicine on microlevel causes of diseases in individuals o Ignore larger eco-social contexts o Health solutions geared rowards changing unhealthy behaviours and beliefs o What about larger structural inequalities?  i.e. smoking: must look at trad
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