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Religion & Culture
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Chapter 9 - Promise Keepers help men stay focused on their God-given responsibilities as husbands and fathers - A person’s gender is not always identical to that person’s sex - Gender and sexuality – structures of power and privilege - Patriarchy is a system in which men enjoy the privileges and control the resources of the society o Man’s world - Heterosexism is a system in which heterosexuals enjoy the privileges and control of social resources o Straight world - Within a patriarchy, gender roles are constraining for men and women - Women are more active in religion then men - Women are better suited to the comforting and community-building aspects of religion - Mainstream – women who belong to religious groups with power structures that privelege men over women. - Marginal – women who belong to religious groups that offer alternatives to a male-dominated structure. - Four potential associations of religion and gender that may affect religious organizations and individuals. o Consolidation – when religious groups and identities generally affirm existing structures of gender inequality and legitimize traditional gender roles  Promise Keepers serve a consolidating function for men by trying to maintain the traditional male roles as the head of the household and protector of the family.  An active process of balancing religious beliefs against the countertrvailing force of a secular society that does not share these beliefs. o Tactical – women in these religious contexts tend to create “parallel religious associations in which women-only groups are the basic social unit”  Religion can become a tactical means of empowerment for women.  It can also allow them to challenge men’s power in religion and society. o Questing – provides individuals with ways to improve their spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing within the existing social order  Aromatherapy, sweat lodges, astrology  Also holistic, addressing mind, body, and spirit as one  Questing religion focuses on the sacred within an individual and the vast majority of participants are women.  They validate women’s traditional work of relational, emotional, and bodily care.  It provides a means to cope with the dominant gender order without challenging it. o Countercultural – uses “sacred power as a central resource in the attempt to establish more equal distributions of power between  Wicca and the broader Goddess movement are countercultural because they provide a collective basis for both men and women to
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