Emile Durkheim -The Social as Sacred -pg 107-116

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Religion & Culture
Alexander Damm

Notes: The Totem as Name and as Emblem Large interplay between the two during analysis  Cult derived from beliefs (Pals 107)  Beliefs which are clearly manifested only through the rites (Pals 107) Identity  Relationship does not come from the fact that they have definite blood connections with one another; they are relatives from the mere fact that they have the same name (Pals 108)  Totem of the clan is also that of each of its members (Pals 108)  Two different clans of the same tribe cannot have the same [totem]. (Pals 108) Totem:  Designates the sort of thing whose name the clan bears (Pals 108)  Not an individual, but a species or a variety (Pals 108)  Not merely a name; it is an emblem, veritable coat-of-arms (Pals 109)  Do not put their coat-of-arms merely upon the things which they possess … they imprint it upon their flesh, it becomes a part of them (Pals 109)  Totemic decorations … not merely a name and an emblem (Pals 109)  Counted among the eminently sacred things; none which surpass it in religious dignity (Pals 109) Society frames our categories of Thought  Three class of things which it recognizes as sacred … the totemic emblem, the animal or plant whose appearance this emblem reproduces, and the member of the clan (Pals 110)  All known religions have been systems of ideas which tend to embrace the universality of things … give us complete representation of the world (Pals 110)  Arranged according to a unified plan … through their union, form an organic whole, the tribe (Pals 110)  Does not place things in the same clan or in different clans at random…similar images attract one another, while opposed ones repel one another (Pals 110)  The men of the clan and the things which are classified in it form by their union a solid system, all of whose p
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