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Chapter 5

Hinnells - Chapter 5

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Religion & Culture
Alexander Damm

Theories of Religionorigin and function o 19th century focused on origin of religion 20th focused on function o 19th concerned as much with function as with origin o origin and function can be divided into two partswhyinnate need to explain observationhowprocesses of observation analogy and generalization o do not reinvent religion but inherit from forebears o religion changes because believers revise conceptions of God o gives way to science because it provides better or more persuasive means of satisfying itTruth o functionalist fallacyarguing either origin or function of religion refutes the truth of it o William James tried to use function of religious mysticism to argue for the truth of religious mysticism without committing the functionalist fallacytheories from religious studies o social scientific theories deem origin and function of religion nonreligiousreligion provides means to a secular end o need that religion arises to fulfill is for the experience of Godprovide contact w
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