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Chapter 8

SY101 Ch.8

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Lucy Luccisano

Ch.8 – Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity Learning Outcomes 1. How is race both a reality and a myth? Race is a reality in regards to physical characteristics. Race is a myth in regards to race being superior to one another and the idea that there are pure races. 2. How do race and ethnicity differ? Race is biological, ethnicity is cultural. 3. What are minority and dominant groups? (Definitions). 4. Why are women a minority? They have been singled out, treated unequally, and are seen as objects of collective discrimination. 5. Are prejudice and discrimination the same thing? No. Prejudice is judgment before, discrimination is judgment after. 6. How do individual and institutional discrimination differ? (Definitions) 7. How do psychologists explain prejudice? Scapegoats and authoritarian personalities. 8. How do sociologists explain prejudice? Selective perception. 9. What are the major patterns of minority and dominant group relations? Genocide, population transfer, internal colonialism, segregation, assimilation, multiculturalism. 10. What are the major ethnic groups in Canada? Native. 11. Why don’t all Native peoples in Canada support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Many land claims are not recognized by some provincial governments. 12. What was the “Quiet Revolution” in Quebec? Rural industrialization and secularization pf religious institutions around health, education, and welfare. 13. Are all immigrants in Canada happy they came to this country? No, 20% return to their native countries. 14. What are the main ethnic issues facing Canada? Creating a racially ethnic diverse country. Race: a group with inherited physical characteristics that distinguish it from another group Ethnicity/ethnic: applies to cultural characteristics, refers to people who identify with o
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