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Irene Cheung

Gamblers and Deviant Behaviour Steven Laurence 100825440 SOCI 2445A D Davies stNovember 1 2011Deviance is an interesting concept many of people have trouble distinguishing deviance and crime apart some tend to think it is the same Although the sociology of deviance is confused with criminology they differ but it includes crime What separate the two is that crime always involves violation of a law while deviances does not thus deviances come from some social rule standard or norm like such acts as nude dancing binge drinking Therefore crime is a violation of a formal norm which would be the law and deviance more a violation of an informal norm that is made from a popular beliefMost crimes are always deviant but a few crimes are not due to they are relatively acceptable among society which in other terms is called normative behaviour and an example of this would be gamblingWhich for this essay we will analyze gamblers and in this case normative behaviour presumes gambling as being seen as a nondeviant actBut how does society see gamblers as being not deviant that is because society does not and people in society are split in believing it is a deviant act for certain people and not for others to further prove that gamblers are deviant will examine the different theories that lie within the positivist and constructionist perspectives and how gamblers affect society and authority First we will be set out what will deviant behaviour be defined as exactly when viewing this paper as well as what are the two theories are and what underlies them Then what the informal norm and formal norm is when regarding to gamblers as deviant at the same time describing why gamblers conform or fail to social norms when it is considered deviantAlso be discussing why gamblers engage in this behaviour and how they view that behaviour for example if they view it as a onetime deviant act or a career deviant act Finally we will view how gamblers affect society and in what different ways society has responded to the gamblersFurthermore we will be viewing gamblers throughout this paper through the positivist theories and the constructionist theories of deviance and the different theories that lay within these
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