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Michael Manley

Human rights facilitate crime? # 10 With the signing of the USA patriot Act in the wake of 9/11, so the greater stress of law enforcement for immigrant control, and occurrences of human rights abuses Civil liberties and human rights organization sharply criticizes the government for its increase use of ethnic profiling in the war on terror despite its ineffectiveness For example the Special Registration Program that applies to nonimmigrant male visitors from Pakistan, Morocco, Somalia that involved fingerprinting and interviewing. none were charged with terrorism related crimes Prosecuting of crimes related to terrorism have increased 10 fold but the sentences dropped significantly as too many resources are being tied up on minor cases that have noting to do with terrorism as half convicted are wrongly classified. astonishing degree of cultural insensitivity performed by unprofessional at the ariport. Where Sikhs have been forced to remove their turbans and Muslim women, their headscarves. The misuse of detention and Abuse of Detainees Patriot Act limits the length of detention to 7 days before charging the person with a crime. But by charging the detainee with immigration charges, allows officials to deport individuals The government detained more than 1200 immigrants of Middle Eastern descent Violate human rights by denial access to counsel, abusive interrogations, detaining non- citizens without charge, continued detention despite order of release, and such Detainees are subjected to harsh condition of confinement, to abuse, to lack of medical attention and the most significant, the use of torture which appear to have public support of 45% despite torture being notoriously ineffective Expanded secrecy of denying acce
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