YC230 Chapter 7: YC230 Chapter 7

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Youth & Children's Studies
Annette Chretien

Chapter 7 questions of context regarding music could fill reams but answer to even a handful of them will enable students to understand reasons why and processes by which people make music meaningful and useful in their lives music as musical sound is a critical dimension by which it can known by our students and yet a fuller awareness of music is possible through knowledge of its instruments elements and contexts studying issues surrounding the creation and performance of music and consider music as cultural though and behaviour they can be adding layers of meaning to the sonic experience the curricular design we convene and from which we deliver instructional experience may sweep across conceptions of music alone to music within its cultural contexts including the source of its expressions, traditions and changes and its meaning to its makers and listening audiences due to the variance across student motivations and styles of leaning some may find themselves greatly intrigued with contextual circumstances surrounding the music such that knowing its cultural context will in fact deepen their understanding and appreciation of the music itself teachers will teach music as music for the sheer sound of it and for its sonic structure and all of the strategies for developing listening performance and creative expressive skills is better ultimate goal for efforts in music as music instruction is a keen musical understanding and the strategies for attaining it are through the development of performance and listening analysis skills o chose the conservatory styled pathway of staying enveloped in the sonic features of the music route has proven highly successful at all levels practice makes perfect the skills and understanding so solid musicianship o time is of the essence in the growth of musical kill s so that class time is devoted to their development and performance teachers who follow the time honored approached everything else that surrounds the music may seem like icing on the cake window dressing and peripheral to the point of musics sonic self to know music is to know also about music and to study it in as thorough and comprehensive a manner as possible o the study of music up close in all of the cultural details that surround its sound and to draw back in consideration of its broader implications is a certain way of knowing it fully rather than to detach music from the contextual issues that surround it a study of its connections to the past and the present add depth to musical understanding while also allowing music to function in its natural way as an important piece in study of the world ethnomusicologist Bruno nettle: music is not separated from culture: it is culture
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