YC230 Chapter 4: YC230 Ch. 4 Continued_Native American Music in North America

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Native American Music in North America Chapter 4 The Haudenosaunee have maintained a strong and continuous cultural presence in the agricultural heartlands of southern Ontario Quebec and New York state Haudenosaunee context, consider an ethnographic description of contemporary event one that embodies traditional knowledge, encounter and modernity Attend a Sing in the longhouses that are somewhat comparable in function to churches, synagogues and mosques (was once a place of residence for several families who shared a central fire, a metaphor for the Iroquois confederate Gatherings feature performance by the signing societies of each community that raise money to help those in need Their members may buy groceries or see that someone helps repair a roof on someones house All the fund contributes to the well being od members in the community A sing may bring together as many as 500 people form New York Ontario and Quebec and so preparation begins early in order to ensure that everyone is fed and accommodated An elder delivers the Ganohonuqjhk (thanksgiving address) to begin the proceedings o The address acknowledging plants fruits, tree animals, water food for sustenance, winds, sun grandmother moon, stars, handsome lake, the four sky people, and the creator o Text varies with each speller, there is no single cultural authority no fixed scripture but rather individual interpretations of the gifts of each part of creation Group of singers after the other take places on two parallel benches in the center of the room o Voices meet and go up to the creator signing a series of Ehsganye new womans shuffle dances the genre of social dance music o Lead singer plays a small water drum made from hollowed log or perhaps a piece of plastic pipe and tuned by drawing the wet tanned skin right with a cloth wrapping ring Clear pitch much higher than either frame hand drums or the big powwow drum Turned over periodically to keep membrane wet, and action that slightly lowers the pitch or adjusted by breathing into the drum Drumstick will be served with a small ball that moves inside the stick handle Each of the other members chose a cow horn rattle makes a gentle but crisp sound as they are filled with small hard objects such as BBs
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