YC230 Chapter 5.5: Chapter 5 Continued

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Annette Chretien

Chapter 5 Modulation, shifting form one tonal center to another is crucial characteristic and constitutes an important practice instructing music created in the tonal pitch system Multisectioned instrumental sequence of North Indian music puts significant material first o The beginning alap section asserts the primacy of melodic mode in the Hindustani tradition as the melodic mode (raga) is introduced and will provide the given melodic material fro the entire performance o Once the mode is established, the procedure in the sequence is to shift the instrumentalist begins to add pulsating rhythms with a combination of melody and drone pitches (jor) o Creating rhythms with combo of melody and drone pitches (jhala) accelerates speed of payer with final break in the sequence as drummer enters the section composition (gat) is presented adding a metric cycle (tala) and a tune in the raga that from the basis of further improvisation Maintenance of the picture, feeling and design of the slow and steady growth of the raga is a highly prized and aesthetically satisfying aspect of the performance of mature musicians that suggest the growth of a plant from seed to full flowering Cadence musical term for an ending o Encompasses not only what happens at the very end but also how the ending is approached Use of speed is another possible practice for coming to closure In most tonal music the ending is a matter of harmonic practice with the last cord being the tonal chord o Demonstrated in corrido and blues o The V dominant chord will immediately precede the tonic Melodically in tonal music pitch 7 (ti) or 2 (re) often functions as a lower or upper leading tone expecting a resolution o the tonic pitch o North Indian improvisational proactive musical units end on a count 1 signaling the accompanists to create an ending Tihai a melodicrhythmic pattern preformed in three time with the last repetition ending on the cadential count 1 o Cadential practice must be considered for musical structured in response to a fluid context Demands for telling a story musically are significant factors in the structuring process Music for the moment as a dalang (puppeteer) in Indonesia weaves his story with shadow puppets, he sends cues to musicians who respond with appropriate for the moment music
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