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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

The Context of Business 1 Chapter 1: Day 1  What is an organization: o A group of people work together to achieve common goal o In the other word, organization is a social entity, created to achieve goals and interact with the environment. o An open-system, a living organism continually interacting and exchanging resources with its external environment  External Contexts o Specific or Task Environment  Stakeholder influence organization’s by customers, suppliers, employees, competitors, unions, distributors, creditors, local public and government o General Environment  General environment factors typically include: economic, competitive, technological, societal, global and political forces  Economic Forces  The economic environment has strong influence on the present and future prospects of any organization.  Ex: international economic environment influence on Canadian organization  Economic changes have also facilitated changes to the nature of the employer and employee relationship  Competitive Forces  Competitive forces operate at two levels for any organization
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