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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Indira Somwaru

Case 1 – Wireless Service Industry in Canada Problems: - Bad customer service - Restrictive contracts - High fees (roaming) - Not enough competition - Foreign ownership restrictions - Government allows foreign ownership of small companies 1. Why foreign ownership are rules a form or trade protectionism? Protectionism protecting a country’s home sit economy through restrictions (subsidies, quotas, tariffs) 2. How to the restrictions on foreign ownership conflict the notions of globalization? Globalization (1) integration of world economies, (2) growth of FDI (foreign direct investments) across the world, (3) lowering trade barriers, restrictions on foreign wireless companies is a trade barrier Why a company goes global?  PUSH AND PULL FACTORS (gain market share – push) Explain why government should not protect the existing players from more foreign competition? PROS: (Should) CONS: (Should Not) - Healthy economy - Poor choices for phones for - Jobs of employees in WC Canadian consumers - Money reinvested in local - High prices (roaming fees) community - Lack of innovation - Limits business expansion overseas - 3. What are three potential benefits and threats of Canada getting more multinational phone companies? (See Chart Above) Case 2 – Beijing and the Canada Oil Sands 1. How does this case reflect themes of globalization - Increased flow of goods and services across border (increased flow of oil from Canada to china) - Greater economic independence PUSH (External) PULL (Internal) - Liberalization of trade laws - Access to oil - Economy - Growth 1 2. How are the companies potentially affected by this takeover? Who? PRO CON CNOC - Access to oil growth - 15 billion, costly acquisition NEXEN (CDN - risk Oil) - Jobs saved - . CDN Employ. - Jobs created/ taxes - . CDN Econ paid - . Local Eco - Easier access to CDN - Losing valuable resources ec - potential for takeover - Stay competitive - New innovation - Open market 3. The CDN government should protect CDN business from both foreign competition and takeover. Explain Define protectionism with reference to case study. Case 3 – When good companies go bad: The Case of Kodak 1. What were the forces of change acting on this industry? Commercial Imaging (Industry) Forces of change: Economic, Global, Technology, Global, Labour, Social and Legal Economic - Recession Competition - More innovation  digital (first to market) competitors already took first part of market Global - Competitors entered global
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