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Chapter 5

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Indira Somwaru

Chapter 5 Employment - an "exchange" between the employer and employee - labour for wages Employment contract - written or unwritten - psychological contract Work - but are not employed - Independent contractors - Contract workers; no benefits, no employment insurance, cpp - Specialized skills - flexible work force - Self-employed - Interns *flower diagram* What is an employee? 1. Degree of control over work - EE has limited control over work hours/wish 2. Degree of economic - EE has little risk; higher wages & benefits 3. Degree to which individual _____ on essential service 4. Degree to which Non-standard android work - Less than five full time - temp - contract - few benefits - youngest entry level Challenge for business? Balance shareholders interests (profits) Neoclassical perspective Labour markets should be driven by market forces of supply and demand Little or no government intervention Managerial Perspective: Little legislation around labour ER + EE benefit from a prosperous business In companies put interest to manage productivity goes up ,
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