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Chapter 1

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Tsasis

Chapter 1 The Context of Business: A Framework For Study  Organization  Definition  An organization consists of people with formally assigned roles, who work together to achieve stated goals within an identifiable boundary  Composition  A social entity  Composed of people, interacting with each other to perform essential functions  Achieve goals  goal directed, exists for a purpose  Interact with the environment  In an identifiable boundary, maintaining itself as an entity distinct from the environment  Deliberately structured  Characterized by formally assigned roles deliberately divided into sets of activities  An open system  It must interact with the environment to survive  It must continuously interpret and act on environmental change  The Internal Context - The McKinsey 7-S Framework  Strategy  A plan or a course of action leading to the allocation of the organization’s resources in reaching an identifiable goal(s)  Structure  A pattern of relationships that exist between individuals in the organization  It is characterized by the organizational chart (I.e. functional, decentralized)  Reflects the formal hierarchy of authority in the organization  Systems  Procedures and routinized processes controlling and coordinating behavior in the organization  Shared Values Significant meanings or guiding principles that the organization instills in the  members  Skills  Distinctive capabilities of key personnel  Style  Characterizatofnhow key managers behave in achievingthe organization’s goals  Staff  The External context – The Business Environment Specific or Task Environment   The specific or task environment consists of groups that have a direct influence on the organization’s ability to obtain resources and generate output  General Environment  The general environment consists of the forces that generally shape the task environment  Economic Forces  An economic slump c
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