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The Structure of Corporations [Reading] [P1]

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

The Structure of Corporations ADMS 1000 ReadingPart I Capitalism is an economic system of business based on private enterprise Individuals and businesses own land farms factories and equipment and they use those assets in an attempt to earn profitsCapitalism provides rewards for those who work hard and who are inventive and creative enough to figure out new or better products and servicesThe wealth incentive provides the fuel to generate new ideas and to foster economic value that provides jobs and raises our standard of livingThe main goal of a company is to create an environment conductive to earning longterm profits which stem from two main sources o Firsta business much provide products andor services to a customer base A large portion of a firms value derives from the current and future profits of its business activity Finding ways to increase profits from core operations can increase economic valueo Secondincreased profits can come from a growth in the sales of an existing product or sales resulting from the introduction of a new pr
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