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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

Keystone Pipeline  Alberta shipping oil in trains to the US b/c there are not enough pipes to transport it Business different in every country  Whole mix of businesses, different industries are predominant  E.g. China: manufacturing, mining, India: IT, software and online services  Economic and political system: taxation, all these determine how business is done,  Different currency: exchange at different rates, measures of how healthy economies are  Different workers: e.g. lots of engineers in Germany, lots of textile workers in Bangladesh, countries can invest money to change the balance of what type of workers they have (China invested lots of moneyin engineers)  Raw materials: CAD has lots of them: oil, minerals, lumber, fur and fish  Trade relationships: some trade locally, some globally Distinct abt CAD business  Lots of resources  High level of regulation  Low level of risks: Cdns buy more insurance than most other countries  Willing to take smaller rewards We will learn how Cdn business shaped CAD How political realities shaped business How contemporary business is shaped by past What is a firm/company A business org’n, an association or collection of individuals and other compnies, provide some form of capital, pool resources Has a common purpose or focus and aim of gaining profits Market Way to facilitate exchange Constructed socially, series of rules and order, expectations that have been contructed by real ppl over time Process by which the prices of goods and services are established 1 of many varieties of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations and infrastructures where parties engage in exchange Market gives info abt what things are worth Colonial period, Industry Distinct group of economic activities Group of companies trying to do similar things Described and classified by their primary activity or product E.g. lobster fishing in Nova Scotia, Ontario=manufacturing CAD: agriculture, banking, lumber, Govt create and define markers, companies and industries Limited liability laws: have to sue company and not owners, different countries define It differently Property rights Law and order Bankruptcy protection Stable money supply Patent copyrights Banking regulation and insurance Corporate charters Commercial transaction laws What forces other than gov’t are at play Labour Technology Resources Demand CAD as a land of resources Cartier: 1534-41 came to New France (old CAD) and establish economic power here Spanish sent Columbus in 1429 and landed in southeast coast of US, created colonies in MX and South Florida, within 40 yrs, French sending ppl over and exploring different part of the continent Cartier discovered CAD, found abundance of resources, French were happy French more interested in settlement along the St. Lawrence River, used canoes to trade with ppl over the Great Lakes, mostly fur and fish French quickly started having yearly settlement along St. Lawrence B
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