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Chapter 1

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

Organizational Behavior Chapter 1 NotesThe role of Management TheoryClassical management scholars Frederick Taylor 18561917 and Max Weber 18641902 placed heavy emphasis on specialization coordination and efficiency A major influence on the way people viewed and thought about OB was the work of Frederick Taylor the father of scientific management Taylor and his colleagues would study how to optimize performance of any taskMax Weber Bureaucracy Rather than focusing on specific work process Weber looked at the entire organization Characteristics of a bureaucracy included the division of labor with high level of technical specification a strict chain of command where every member reported to someone higher level in their organization a system of formal rules and procedures that ensured consistency impartiality and impersonality throughout the organization and decision making at the top of the organizationAn integrative model of Organizational BehaviourIndividual Outcomes two primary outcomes of interest to organizational behaviour researchers and employees and managers job performance and organizational commitment Employees to perform their jobs well and to remain members of the organization that they respect Managers maximize their job performance and to ensure that they stay with the firm for a significant length of timeIndividual Mechanisms Job Satisfaction stress motivation trust justice and ethics conducts business with fairness honesty and integrity and learning and decisionmaking gain
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