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York University
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ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

2 Perception and Individual Differences What is perception? - The process of interpreting one’s environment o One major function of this is recognition of objects o OB focuses on people instead - Social cognition o How people perceive one another - Four stage sequence o Stage 1: selective attention/comprehension  Attention: being consciously aware of something or someone  Focuses on certain information o Stage 2: Encoding and simplification  Schema: mental picture of an event or object o Stage 3: Storage and Retention  Storing information in long-term memory  Event memory: containing information of specific and general events e.g. going to a restaurant, at a job interview, and going to a food store or a movie  Semantic memory: general knowledge about the world e.g. associated traits, emotional states, physical characteristics, and behaviours o Stage 4: Retrieval and response  Makes judgements and decisions that are based on either Managerial Implications - Many of the managerial activities listed below are affected by perception - Hiring o Implicit cognition: any thought of belief that is automatically activated without conscious awareness o Very biased decisions are then made from interviewers - Performance Appraisal o Managers are advised to use more objectively-based measures of performance as much as possible, because if subjective indicators are prone to bias and inaccuracy - Leadership o Good leaders exhibit  Assigning specific tasks to group members  Telling others that they had done well  Setting specific goals for the group  Letting other group members make decisions  Trying to get the group to work as a team  Maintaining definite standards of performance o Poor leaders exhibit  Telling others that they had performed poorly  Insisting on having their own way  Doing things without explaining themselves
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