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Budget Note

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 2500
John Kucharczuk

Budget plan future business actionexpressions formal what if business nonprofit govn education Advantages 1decision making goalsobjective2future analysis3motivates employees 4evaluate performance5coordinate activity6communicate plans Budget committee topsr mgmt approves budget central guidance realistic coordinated Budget data is bottom up process1yr but can extend to several yrs Budget Horizontal CycleOperating budget divided into quarterly or monthly ShortLong strategicoperating Continuous Rolling 12month budget rolls forward 1month once current month complete Master Budget formal comprehensive plan for future budget linked together 1Sales Budget all are linked to sales estimate unit salesunit price 2Merchandise Purchase inventory to purchaseend inventsalesbgn inventoryex Dec31 inventory 1420 sales 2000 Nov30 inventory 9002520 14202000900 JustInTime Inventory purchase smallerfrequently deliver quantitySafety Stock Inventory protection against lost sales by shipping3General Admin operating expense cashnoncash expense 4Capital Expenditure cash inflowoutflow to disposalacquisition of capital equip buysell 5Financial Cash Budget cash inflowoutflow mgmt use to avoid excess cash cash shortages loans 1Financial Ca
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