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Cash Flows Note

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2500
John Kucharczuk

Chapter 19 Cash Flows InflowsOutflowsOperating Investing Financing Evaluate liquidity solvency of businessgenerate cash internally Cash Equivalent Investment High Liquid3 months Convertible to known cash amountmkt value not affected by interest Tbills bondscar is notOperating Activity principle revenue producing activities of enterprise buy computer to sell Inflows customer receipts of cash dividends interest received from borrowers Outflows salary payment to suppliers taxesfines interest paid to lenders Investing Activity disposal of longterm assetsother investments not classified as cash equivalent buy computer to use Inflows sell longterm assets used furnitureequity investment collect loans Outflows purchase longterm assets property salespayment to debt securitiesFinancing Activity transactions w business ownerscreditors to borrowrepay amount Inflows issuing equity security bonds notes temporarylongterm liability Outflow pay dividend to holder purchase treasury shares loans owner withdrawonly paper work changed NonCash InvestingFinancing Activity1Retirement of debt by issuing equity securit
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