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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511
Ingrid Splettstoesser

MIS Technology Guide 1 Technology Guide Overview Decisions about hardware focus on three interrelated factors appropriateness for the task speed and cost TG11 Introducing Hardware Components Hardware refers to the physical equipment used for the input processing output and storage activities of a computer system It consists of the followingCentral Processing Unit CPU manipulates the data and controls the tasks performed by the other componentsPrimary storage temporarily stores data and program instructions during processing memorySecondary storage external to the CPU stores data and programs for future use USB hard drive CD RomInput technologies accept data and instructions and convert them to a form that the computer can understandOutput technologies present data and information in a form people can understandCommunication technologies provide for the flow of data from external computer networks eg the Internet and intranets to the CPU and from the CPU to computer networks TG12 Strategic Hardware Issues In many industries exploiting computer hardware is a key to achieving competitive advantageOne strategic consideration when choosing hardware is the cost and ease of use of the software that goes with it Suppliers are taking steps to make that decision easier for clients TG13 Innovations in Hardware Utilization Companies use their hardware in innovative ways including server farms virtualization grid computing utility computing cloud computing edge computing autonomic computing and nanotechnology Server Farms Massive data centres which contain hundreds of thousands of networked computer servers A server is a computer that supports networks enabling users to share files software and other network devices The huge number of servers in a server farm provides redundancy and fault tolerance in case one or more servers fail Server farms require massive amounts of electrical power air conditioning backup generators security and money They also need to be located fairly closely to fibre optic communication linksVirtualization Virtualization means that servers no longer have to be dedicated to a particular task Server virtualization uses softwarebased partitions to create multiple virtual servers called virtual machines on a single physical server Therefore multiple applications can run on a single physical server with each application running within its own software environment Many benefits accrue to organization using virtualization including the followingA lower number of physical servers leads to cost savings in equipment energy space in the data centre cooling personnel and maintenanceEnhanced organizational agility as virtualization enables organization to quickly modify their systems to respond to changing demandsThe focus of the information technology department can shift from the technology itself to services that the technology can provide Grid Computing Applies the unused processing resources of many geographically dispersed computers in a network to form a virtual supercomputer Target problems are usually scientific or technical in nature and require a great number of computer processing cycles or access to large amounts of data Utility Computing A service provider makes computing resources and infrastructure management available to a customer as needed The provider then charges the customer for specific usage rather than a
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