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Chapter 6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2511

Chapter 6 Telecommunications and Networks Chapter Outline Key Terms Study Questions The Evolution of Networkingtelecommunications What factors have encouraged the growth of networkingData TransmissionThe transmission of data over networks is Characteristics characterized by what three factors Bandwidth bandwidth Explain the difference between a bits per second bps broadband medium and a narrowband broadband medium medium and provide examples of narrowband medium each Analog and Digital analog signal What applications are analog signals used Transmission frequency range for pitchWhat system do computers use to modem transform data into digital signals modulation What are two major functions of demodulation modems dialup modem Explain the difference between an internal modem internal modem and an external external modem modem Personal Computer What is the advantage of each type of Memory Card modem International Association PCMCIA modem Parallel and Serial parity bit Explain the difference between a parallel Transmission serial transmission and serial port parallel transmission What is the advantage of parallel transmission What are two common connectors for serial portsCommunications Media communications medium Communications media are classified into what two broad categoriesWired Communications MediaWhy would a user use wired communication media instead of wirelessTwistedPair Cable twistedpair cable What are the advantages of twistedpair cable Coaxial Cable coaxial cable What are the advantages of coaxial cable cable modem What device must be installed to use a cable modem FiberOptic Cablefiberoptic cable What are five advantages of fiberoptic cables What is the most important advantage of fiberoptic cablesIntegrated Services Digital Integrated Services What device is required for the use of an Network ISDNLinesDigital Network ISDN line ISDN line Digital Subscriber Line DSL Digital Subscriber Line What advantage does a DSL offer users DSLwho are connected to the Internet Computers Understanding Technology Fourth Edition Paradigm Publishing IncPage 1 of 5
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