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ADMS 2600
Monica Belcourt

ADMS 2600 March-12-14 UNIT 12 – HEALTH & SAFETY Safety and Health: It’s the Law  Occupational Injury: Any cut, fracture, sprain or amputation resulting from a workplace accident or from exposure involving an accident in the work environment.  Occupational illness: Any abnormal condition or disorder, other than one resulting from an occupational injury, caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employment.  Employers are required to keep certain records, to compile an annual summary of work injuries/illness, and to ensure supervisors are familiar with health & safety.. Employers are also required to report all accidents causing injury/disease to Worker’s Compensation Board  Legislated by Canada Labour Code  Duties of employers: o Take reasonable cautions to ensure employee safety o They are required to present due diligence: standard of conduct of what should be expected by a reasonable person o Provide a hazard free workplace o Comply with statutes and regulations o Inform employees about OH&S regulations o Keep records and summaries o Ensure supervisors and employees are familiar with hazards o Report any accidents that cause injury and death o Maintain equipment and material o Set up health and safety committees  Duties of workers: o Comply with all acts and legislation o Wear protective equipment 1 ADMS 2600 March-12-14 o Report hazardous conditions and defective equipment o The right to refuse unsafe work (except police and firefighters)  Duties of supervisors (somewhat varies from employers): o Supervisor: has authority over workplace and worker o Adivse employees of potential hazards o Ensure workers wear safety equipment o Take every reasonable precaution to guarantee safety of worker  Duties of Joint Health and Safety Committees o Provide non-adversarial atmosphere where management and workers can create a safety workplace. At least 1 worker and 1 manager certified in safety, consists of equal managers and workers o Provide a forum where management and labour can work together o Involved in inspections, work refusals, investigate accidents o Respond to worker concerns  Industrial disease: disease resulting from exposure to substance relating to a particular process, trade, or occupation in industry  Worker’s compensation o Help workers injured on the job get back to work o An injured worker can receive: • Cash payouts or wage loss payments – paid while off work too (financial aid) • Unlimited medical aid • Vocational rehabilitation • Pension if permanent • Will receive benefits if they cannot receive the same amount of money 2 ADMS 2600 March-12-14  Employers pay premiums to WCB (worker’s compensation board)based on previous safety records, not the taxpayer  3 Benefits of contacting employees early: o Employees come back to work more quickly o Employees who return to work stay at work o Employees generally return to earn a higher wage Promoting a Safe Work Environment  Interviewing for safety can create a culture of safety  Elements in creating a safe work environment o Safety, motivation, knowledge o Enforcement of safety rules o Safety awareness programs o Accident Investigations & records  Promoting safety awareness (ex: flyers, labels on equipment) o Supervisor’s role: communicating the need to work safely o Orientation is the most important time to make employees safety-concious  Safety training is mandatory and a good investment  An effective safety program covers: o Company safety rules o Duties of employer, supervisor, worker o Importance of compliance with emergency signs o Care and acquisition of protective equipment o
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