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Chapter 5

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EVP The essence of the organization from the perspective of the employee An employer’s communicated promise to its employees Key components might include: compensation, affiliation, career, work content, etc When integrated into all aspects of a business, EVP will help to retain tope performers and attract the best external talent Chapter 5: Branding the Talent Pool: Recruitment & Careers Recruiting process outsourcing: The practice of outsourcing an organization’s recruiting function to an outside firm. - small businesses that outsource their recruiting functions to outside firms - when they need to hire a lot of employees or hire employees quickly. - When firm has had trouble finding suitable candidates or needs a different way to tap different talent pools - Find more diverse candidates Employee Profile: a profile of a worker developed by studying an organization’s top performers to recruit similar types of people. Firm recruit internally through transfers will help capitalize on the investment it has made in developing its current employees - promotion encourages internal employees - employees already familiar with the firm thus avoids training costs - employees performance record more accurate - existing talent pool is limited - source of new creativity and latest knowledge from previous employers - value-external hiring gets the employee’s clients Internal labour market: labour market in which workers are hired into entry-level jobs and higher levels are filled from within. The actual labour market a company faces depends on the industry in which the firm operates and the types of positions it is seeking to fill. Clustering of firms occurs because the resources these firms need- both human and natural resources are located in some areas and not in others. Global sourcing: the business practice of searching for and utilizing goods and services from around the world - low labour cost - recruiting talents Branding: a company’s efforts to help existing and prospective workers understand why it is a desirable place to work. - think of applicants as consumers and focus on what job/career they want - reaching out to people via social networks Recruitment channels recruiting internally - readily available - up to speed faster - less uncertainty about how they will perform Internal Job postings – bulletin board or intranet Identifying talent through performance appraisals - 9 box grid skill inventories and replacement charts - to help track an employee’s education, past work experience, vocational interests, specific abilities and skills… Recruiting Externally Depending with the t
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